What about Notae? Clay or insiders

Seems like we forget about him. Thoughts on his game?

Whole thread about him recently.

I looked up his stats vs P6 teams while at Jacksonville St:

Pts - 18.2
Rbd - 6.6
AST - 3.2
STL - 2.2
BLK - 0.2
TO - 2.4
PF - 1.8

FG% - 39%
FT% - 71% (3 PG)
3PT% - 56%

It’s only five games, but against P6 competition

Added this link in a thread last week. Wrote this soon after he announced he was transferring to Arkansas:

Are those figures in bold correct? He would have had to miss virtually every 2 point shot he took for those % to be correct?

Not if he didn’t take many 3s and lots of 2s.

Yes, but that’s based on just five games against P5/6 teams. Not all his stats.

In those five games:

32-83 FG (38.5%, I rounded up)
15-27 3PT (55.5%, I rounded up)
12-17 FT (70.5%, I rounded up)
17-56 2pt (30.3%)

The percentages are right. But he took lots of 3s (27 in 5 games) and hit a great 56%. He did, as I said though, miss 70% of his 2s, while taking 56 shots. Very strange inverted percentages. As Baked said though, it’s a very small number of games (5). Over his 2 years, he made a respectable 46% of his 2 point shots. It was just those 5 games that he made only 30% of them.

Yeah, the reason I only used those five games was they were against the P6 teams. Being in the SEC, he will be playing against P6 teams for at least 19 games a year.

I know sometimes we see kids come in from smaller conferences (like Cylla) who just aren’t as good as they were in the previous conference. I think looking at any games against P6 teams may be a better indicator of how the kid performs.

Yes, I’d guess he probably struggled finishing at the rim against the much bigger bodies he wasn’t used to facing. Probably caused blocked or altered shots. But, what a great percentage on his 3 point shots.

Everyone always thinks the closer you get it’s easier. My high school coach told me it was easier to shoot standing still than on the run. Turned out he was often right. An open 3 can be easier than a shot on the run with a 6-10 guy’s hand coming at the ball.

No doubt it’s easier to shoot standing still with your shoulders square to the goal… Isaiah often gets the ball coming off a pick and he just turns and fires it.I don’t see how you ever Hits 1 but he does when he’s on.

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