What about injuries?

What is the report on Boyd?

Were their any other injuries?

Colton Jackson didn’t play at all. Back spasms prior to game.
Johnny Gibson went out but CCM says he’ll be fine.
McClellan hurt late?

Bet Conner will be sore & learns to slide.

Wallace also got dinged up late in the game.

Naturally, of all positions, we get more OL guys hurt. Just one of those years for that position.

We can’t afford OL injuries there’s very little depth and it was apparent right after an injury today on the OL the replacement was flagged for holding. Maybe there a diamond in the rough coming in with the 19 signing class that can help quick.

Boyd was dehydrated.

Yes he was dehydrated, and he was damm lucky he wasn’t de-head with all the carries bang bang bang bang bangbang one right after the other.–Course, thats my thoughts.

I don’t see Boyd as a 20 carry guy he got here to late to be that strong and inshape enough to do that.IMO Capps need to replace Gipson he is a much more aggressive and better run blocker and will learn the pass blocking with more reps but go back and look at Kelley long run and you will see Capps almost body slam his man and I haven’t seen Gipson do much but chest thump all yr he is decent on pulling but still pretty slow.I think Capps will be very good next yr.

seemed a little stiff, lost his footing repeatedly, looked like aguy with a very sore lower back/tailbone

hope he’s full go next week, that might be our lasat chance at win, although we’ll be underdogs


Boyd - as he did several times in high school and junior college - can handle 30 carries. I don’t buy the dehydrated thing. He’s in great shape. He missed one day of practice and worked out with a trainer twice a day all summer.

He was begging to go back in on the sideline and the coaches just basically told him to chill and let the others get some work.

As for Capps, he has a chance to be a good one, but is not there right now. Too many penalties and not latching on to his man enough. That’s why JG starts.

I think sometimes - and I do this as well - we get tired of guys and want to see somebody new whether it’s time or not.

Boyd is a stud & has a vision / desire to play football for a long time. I think he will. Hopefully our other RB’s take note & follow his work ethic.

My first thoughts on Boyd was that he went in for an IV, but he was moving kind of stiffly coming back out. I’m sure his lower back wasn’t feeling too great either.

Boyd also fumbled twice yesterday. As we saw with the little Dalton episode, I think CM is getting a bit less tolerant of mental errors, which kind of made me wonder if CM also had a secondary motive of sending a small message to take care of the football.

We had the game under control-Maleek, Chase and Cole were doing fine just grinding away. Boyd’s going to start the next few weeks unless he gets hurt, and we sure need him full speed down the stretch. But I’m hoping that it was another sign that CM is going to insist on more disciplined football from this point forward.

ok didn’t know about Boyd carrying it a lot before…Gipson IMO is really bad has no desire to get off the ball at all,Capps will be much better when they give him all the practice reps IMO.

This! I was at the game and it was clear. Boyd didn’t see the field again after his 2nd fumble. I also thought it was the right thing for CCM to do. Boyd’s proven to be our best RB and he HAS to protect the ball. He fumbles twice in a tight SEC game, and we will not win that game. I’m betting Boyd got the message loud and clear.

Boyd played after the second fumble. In fact he carried the ball the first two plays of the next drive.

They said Boyd was having cramps and dehydration issues during the presser today.

I’ll take your word for it. I sure thought I saw #2 in that next series after the lost fumble (Boyd’s 2nd). I also looked for #5 on the sideline and there was a #5 sitting on the bench down in front of me. I know there are 2 or 3 #5s, so I guess it could have been a defense or special teams guy. It must have been the 2nd series after the fumble I saw Hayden go in.

The other number 5 is defensive end Dorian Gerald, who played in the second half.

Craddock said they had Boyd on a snap count and touches plan. Given a lot of early touches and two fumbles, plus dehydration or whatever, my guess is they held him out hoping that Chase and Maleek could handle the position enough for a win. Conservative approach given our history of blowing leads, but it worked.

Yeah, when I was looking for #5 on the sideline, the offense was on the field, so that probably was Gerald. Since he was sitting, it wouldn’t have been noticeable how much bigger he is than Boyd.