What about Gundy?

Why isn’t Mike Gundy considered a top candidate? He’s coached an exciting style of football and been successful for many years at a place long thought inferior to Arkansas, recruited well with probably more obstacles than we have had. I believe he turned us down last time around, but so what?

Because he isn’t going anywhere. He just turned down a 6-yr, $42 million contract from Tennessee and tweeted “Cowboy for Life”.

He’s the biggest tease this side of Jon Gruden.

So he did.

He just twisted the knife in the UT back. David Cutcliffe had stuck it a little deeper when he turned them down earlier.

I never believed Gundy was going to Tenn any more than I believed Gruden was going. He used them to get a raise at Okie Lite.

I just hope we’re not being similarly played by any high profile coaches we might be pursuing.

Rumor is Grundy turned down $8 million from UT.

I do not believe Mike Gundy will ever leave Oklahoma State. He will flirt every now and then, but isn’t leaving. I will say the same thing about Gary Patterson at TCU. But, I’ve been wrong before, because I didn’t think Chris Petersen was leaving Boise State. Then, he went to Washington.

T. Boone Pickens actually had some nice things to say about Gundy this season, which indicates that the coach and Mr. OSU have figured out that they can live with each other. Gundy has a job as long as they don’t start falling into the middle of the pack, and occasionally beat OU.