What about Gene Chizik?

NC Coach, not too many of those out there dragging around

As I’ve said on here multiple times, Gene Chizik is a really bad head coach.

He was 5-19 (2-14 conference) at Iowa State.

At Auburn, if you take out the single year he had Cam Newton, he was 19-19 (7-17 conference).

His last season, he was 3-9 (0-8) at AUBURN.

And no one has wanted him since.

Cam Newton won a national title, not gene chizik.

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Chizik is right above JL Smith on my list…

Made millions off $cam Newton…

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He has no desire to return to sideline in the near future. He enjoys coming home to his family without the pressure of coaching. I expect he will stay at ESPN/SEC Network for the foreseeable future.

I wouldn’t be at all excited about him, but I also don’t think he’s interested in coaching again. Might as well mention Barry Switzer, Danny Ford, or Phil Fulmer

good points, especially the one about $cam Newton

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Gene Chizik doesn’t check off the boxes that AD/HY has stated that he is looking for in his search.
If you aren’t familiar with the check list I suggest you take a look before you throw the next name out.

Go Hogs!

If AD/HY isn’t able to hire one of the following coaches with a proven winning resume like Campbell, Kiffin, Norvell, Fickell before hiring Leach if I were him I would interview a couple of the younger Head coaches such as Seth Littrell (North Texas) and Jason Candle (Toledo) and also a not so young guy in Willie Fritz (Tulane).

Go Hogs!

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If HY is not able to hire a proven head coach. Then Lunney is the man IMO

What about Jack Crowe? Does he still have a little juice left in him? I think he’s ready this time!