What about Dan Enos as HC?

Keep Coaches Lunny and Smith. Hire a top DC.

Would not excite the fans but might be a sensible choice. Maybe he could make Steve Caldwell, the assistant head coach and DC at Boise State, his defensive coordinator?

I like Dan but we need a total change from the old bunch. But Steve Caldwell has been on my mind for a great DC to help a young HC - Norvell or Morris.

You can’t be serious…

Enos had a losing record in the MAC.

If you want to ensure that you put the football program gets into a financial bind, Enos is your guy.

No idea why a guy who’s play calling and head coaching record is as bad as his would even been mentioned.

As I see these new possibilities pop up on the board, My old pee wee football coach is looking better every day. He’s really not that more far fetched than some of these names I’m seeing. :wink:

Given a decent OL he can score as many points as Morris or Norvell,plus He already has 3 yrs sec experience.OL and Defense are what is keeping from having a winning program.

There are lots of people who if given the chance might be successful as HC’s at Arkansas. Nothing against Dan, but he’d be one of those “shot in the dark” people. There’s no reason for us to take a shot in the dark. We’ve done that twice in my lifetime when circumstances pretty much dictated we do it. Once when Hatfield suddenly left for Clemson & we hired Jack Crowe. The other when Petrino wrecked his motorcycle & we hired JL Smith. We have a whole lot of better options, any of whom might fail miserably, but as was once said, “the race may not always be to the swift, but that’s the way to bet.”

You would think he would be the intern coach and not the defensive coordinator . As stated , he had losing record in Mac and was getting heat for the record. He has stated he likes being a coordinator. Nice guy but we just had that and paid $12m to move on.

Probably great guy but just don’t deserve it…

It would not surprise me to see Enos end up at Bama as QB coach and co-offensive coordinator.