What about Brent Venables?

Wow. 49 - 0. Back to back 30 point losses for first time in OU history. First shut out since late 90’s.

Maybe a reason he stayed an assistant for so long.

Lincoln Riley knew what he was doing getting out of there.

Riley was smart getting out when he did. He didn’t want any part of the SEC, but who can blame him? It’s a meat grinder, and he can win 10 a year in the powder puff Pac 12. That said, I can’t see OU turning into Nebraska, but I also can’t see Riley winning a natty at USC.

He is finding out that being a head coach is not a lot of fun when you lose as bad as they have the last two weeks. It’s hard to believe their defense is that bad with him being the Defense guru…That just goes to show you it’s more about the jimmies and the Joe’s than anything else.

Brent Venables has Lincoln Riley’s defensive players without Lincoln Riley’s offensive mind on the staff. I think he can do well, but OU has been lacking players on the defensive side for a long time. The Sooners’ defensive problems were masked some by the fact they could score 40 to 50 points per game.


I think he’s probably going to do OK. He has great recruiting class coming in, and I think he can be an effective head coach. He needs a little time.

I think he will, too. His reputation will play well with defensive recruits.

You never know. Assistants that have never been head coaches are a wild card. For every Stoops/Kirby Smart there is a Muschamp.

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so…Bobby Petrino(Lincoln Riley)2.0?jimmies and joes on offense,no defensive studs?

What? I thought the Briles RPO system was the best offense in college football and with Jeff Lebby at the helm they would crush everyone.

Once again, it’s too simple and teams with a good defense can game plan for it. Obviously, it works some of the time or if you have that 1 key QB to run it but it isn’t all that and a box of chocolates.

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I think we have already seen that being a coordinator at Clemson does not necessarily equate to being a competent HC.


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