What a win!! WPS

Reindl was fantastic. We badly needed that win. Now we can’t be swept & I like our shot at winning the series.

There were a lot of wild things that happened in this game! To win at the Box the way the hogs did was huge. What a game it was sure fun to watch and listen to the radio! I keep watching for the critters to come out!

It is like - how many ways can you move a run home if you have the bases loaded and one out? Being Razorbacks I suppose we prefer to grunt it out, and then, to make it even more of a challenge, walk the batter in the bottom of the ninth to put the winning run on. Then again, come back like gangbusters and strike out the next batter. Great win anytime at Red Stick, and particular the way the Hogs came back again and again. WPS!!!

Simple formula to beat LSU is get the starter off the mound and make the bull pen work… they are terrible coming out of the bull pen and it will only gets worse as the series advances into the weekend.