What a Sports Sunday!

In the AM, the greatest tennis player of all time Novak Djokovic wins Wimbledon.

In the afternoon, Italy defeats England on penalty kick shootout. England missed last three PKs.

In the evening to come, NBA finals.

The first two events in the London area, close enough for Tom Cruise and David Beckham to attend both.

I think somebody said Italy would likely win the Euros and England has a history of screwing up.

Check and check.

And an American won today’s stage of le Tour de France. That hasn’t happened for ten years. Sepp Kuss is from Durango, CO. According to the commentators, his only weakness is in the time trials.


And the MLB Draft.

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Novak is the greatest of all time?


No one has more majors
No one has more Masters titles
Only man to win all four majors at least twice in open era
Only man to win all Masters titles at least twice. No one has done it even once
Most weeks at #1
No one has more Year-end #1s
Held all 4 majors at one time. Federer and Nadal have not done that.
Head to head vs Federer 27-23 and vs Nadal 30-29
Higher winning % at majors than Federer and Nadal
Has not lost to Federer in majors since 2010
Has not lost to Nadal away from clay court since 2014
One of two men to beat Nadal at French Open and he has done that twice
Most clay court wins over Nadal

What is the argument against him?

All the talking heads and tennis reporters and former players now agree after what has happened this year so far.

I would agree that Joker has risen to the top.

Rod Laver was better. Definitely more dominant

Laver was ranked world No. 1 in nine different years, which is an all-time record in tennis.

Laver won 11 Grand Slam singles titles, though he was banned from playing those tournaments for the five years prior to the Open Era.

Laver’s 198 singles titles are the most in tennis history. This included his all-time men’s record of 10 or more titles per year for seven consecutive years

Curious as to what Laver’s record would be in today’s more competitive world of tennis vs his time in the 1960s.

Your numbers for Laver include time before the open era when professionals like Rosewall, Hoad, Gonzalez were not able to compete.

So, all the records now separate open era and before open era. And what I mentioned is open era only.

Look, Laver has not been in GOAT discussion because of that, Only Sampras, Federer, Nadal and Djokovic have been and as Dudley said this year put Djoker over the top.

Very good point.

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Goal posts have moved I see

Without question Serena is the most dominant tennis player ever

No, you tried to move the goal post and I moved it back to where all the worldwide discussion has been. I am part of several worldwide tennis forums where people like Dudley participate and we all only talk about open era.

If you want to combine the genders who never play each other, I don’t know how to debate that.

Steffi Graf was the most dominant in tennis up to her peak in the sport. I can’t compare Serena to her, as I quit watching during the Graf era. My tennis friend says the game is not as deep with elite talent as before (men, anyway).

The MLB future’s game was today, right? MLB draft. MLB all-star game weekend. Really great decision to roll all of this together along with the HR contest.

I would like to talk to him/her. Most consider last decade as the golden era in men’s tennis with three greatest players competing at the same time and have won 60 majors between them.

BTW, what you said is true of women’s tennis past three years. You may have meant to say that.

Using your goal posts, Margaret Court has more majors than Serena.

Serena is definitely the GOAT of women’s tennis