What a pleasant surprise

Texas Tech, A&M TCU -out
Mississippi- WHATTT???
LSU- after tonight, probably out
Alabama- after tonight??

also ohio state;illinois;florida

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yeah I forgot about the gator boys but was mainly thinking of borderline states.

A “power-draw” of sorts for recruiting within the area.

You don’t like schools in the South?

can add LSU now

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Looks like he doesn’t like schools we recruit against

Bama beat Mary-land.96-77.

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That mighty conference was mightily overrated.

Bama lit it up tonight. Hard to beat them when they are shooting like that

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The hogs experienced one of those nights at Bama. They also played some defense.
The PAC 12 had some favorable matchups they will exit stage left this weekend!

Alabama was hot from 3-pt line.

But USC put on a shooting clinic against Kansas. Best shooting performance in tournament by far.

It would be nice if and when we can get back to lighting up those 3’s like that.

Pac 12 is for real. It has 4 in Sweet 16. They will have at least one in Elite Eight.

UCLA did get favorable matchup in that they didn’t have to play Texas in the second round, but they did beat Michigan State and BYU to get there. Oregon State beat Tennessee and Oklahoma State.

And USC and Oregon looked scary good against Kansas and Iowa. They play each other next, so only one can advance.

Oregon State beat one good team and one very good team.
USC and Oregon must be quite good.

21 was a bad year for bad men. No Calamari. Pearl wasn’t even allowed in the SECT. Howlin Ben had to howl from home. No Coach K. No Sweet 16 for SAO Boy or Self. Blue bloods were bloodied. All in all, a fine year for college basketball.


Couldn’t agree more.

Best year in a very long time.

UCLA and Oregon both got breaks. UCLA missed the Fallopians thanks to ACU. Nike U missed VCU due to COVID and had fresh legs for Iowa.

Add izzo and Williams to the list. Interesting how the blue bloods struggled.