What a needed win

We gutted that one out and congrats to Anderson and the hawgs. A win is a win. A road win even better. Good game hawgs

I had to leave at halftime. Was surprised at the score. It doesn’t look like Gafford scored a point and still win on the road. Nice.

Nice road win as Macon was clutch down the stretch. It was good to see good FT shooting for our second straight game.

Georgia was tough to the end with lots of second chance baskets.

We need to get on a winning streak and work our way up the SEC standings.

maybe that will fire Gafford up Sat when we play Okie State.

Gafford-----Freshman vs. Srs. They man handled him. Too much weight and strength…

Great win. Thought everyone played great and unselfish in this game. Defense was also MUCH improved.