what a Joke

Sorry Duds - I disagree.

Don’t know if you’ve read my prior posts in the thread - you usually don’t read everything in a thread you post a response to. But I’m on record as saying that N. Texas outplayed Arkansas, deserved the win, and the punt return was not the difference. So that’s not what this is about.

I’ll agree we got fooled - there’s no two ways about that. But that isn’t “all there is to it”. I’m surprised someone with your presumed background would say that. You are welcome to your opinion, but please don’t disrespect the rest of us - whose opinion carries at least as much as your own - by saying “that’s all there is to it”. Not in this case. There are a lot of nuances to this particular no-call.

The problem is Arkansas players should have stayed on the field until there was a whistle. If you don’t hear a whistle and the officials aren’t marking the ball, then you don’t leave the field. They were snookered by a very deceiving play that apparently the rules committee is talking about putting an end to it. But they have no one to blame but themselves for not doing surely what they have been taught and that’s play until you hear the whistle, no matter what your deceiving eyes may see.

Soark, you haven’t told me anything I didn’t know 30 years ago. But as I explained at length earlier in this thread, in the context of today’s game and the way these kids are bombarded with NOT blowing people up or hitting them late, that play should have been whistled dead. This play will be reviewed, discussed and ultimately not allowed at some point in the not too distant future - as it should be.

I’m not arguing with the validity of your argument. I do think it’s a safety issue and the NCAA better decide whether they are going to side with player safety or deceptive plays. My point is simply it wouldn’t have happened at all if Arkansas would not have played the role of the dupee by doing what I’m sure they’ve been taught.