what a Joke

we are on ESPN for that epitome of stupidity!!! never been so embarrased in my life.

Nah that’s piss poor officiating any upward movement of the hand is a fair catch. In the safety first atmosphere of today that is BS allowing that.

He didn’t raise his hand we should have tore his. Head off…just an absolute piss poor play in our part

He raised it twice to head level, officiating 101 that is considered an invalid fair catch signal.

Let me say this first, LOUD and clear - N. Texas beat the stuffing out of us, fair and square. That “trick” punt return was not the difference in the game. UNT was the better team and fully deserved their win. And - no - after viewing the various replays, I do NOT think he signaled fair catch.

OK - now that I’ve said that (so, hopefully, we forgo the normal batch of follow-up posts by those claiming I’m trying to use it as “an excuse”), I think that play was poor officiating, plain and simple. And kind of a Bush League call by the UNT coaching staff.

This is an era of player safety - as it should be, given the statistics and knowledge we have after all these years of football about plays and situations that put players at risk a great deal more than need be. That’s the impetus behind, for example, the new fair catch on kickoffs. And, of course, the targeting rules.

So, that’s the atmosphere this play took place in. And in that context, consider what would have happened if, instead of slowing down and stopping a foot from the punt returner, Morgan or Dalton had continued full-speed and lit him up as they would have had he been running. They’d have been flagged for at least “unnecessary roughness” and may have been ejected from the game!

When a kickoff returner catches the ball and stands still for a second or two, the ref will blow the whistle and call the play dead, regardless of how close or far defenders may be. And that’s what this play looked and felt like - like the return man had “given himself up”.

Yes, I know that “technically”, he didn’t call for a fair catch. But he appeared to have given himself up and just like after the end of any play, our guys did not want to hit him unnecessarily.

I like FOOTBALL. I have no problem with good strategic plays that take advantage of another teams weaknesses. But plays like this - or the one where the QB wanders over toward the sideline as if communicating with a coach, while the center snaps the ball to another back; or, even the “Woody” play we ran with a pint-sized player hiding behind the guard . . . that’s not football to me. I’ve never enjoyed or appreciated it, whether it was FOR my team, or against.

Just my thoughts.

I agree. That was bush league.

Perfect post. On the next fair catch they should have taken his head off and the point would have been made.

That they were advised of the play beforehand and then allowed it despite Morgan and others being right there for an easy tackle/decleating and clearly pulling up because of the designed multiple arm movements was ridiculous considering every little minimal bump these days is considered targeting. It was a chicken S play all the way around. We should have covered it but it was as Bush League as it gets.

Yeah - just think about the times a defensive player didn’t hear the whistle blow (maybe because of a false start or something), and then grabbed a running back or QB who had stopped and slung them to the ground. That is, 100% of the time, met with boos from the other teams fans and a quick flag from the officials. In this case, our guys had to think the play had been blown dead (even if they didn’t hear the whistle - in this case, of course, there was none). No one wants to grab a guy just standing there and toss him to the ground, incurring a penalty and maybe getting thrown out of the game.

People all over the country love a trick play like this. Heck - I even saw it shown at halftime of last night’s NFL game! But I’ll bet that particular play is made illegal in the next year or two, for the reasons mentioned here - it is NOT football, and it IS very risky to the players involved. I will repeat that we got out played, regardless of that play happening or not. But, IMO, it has no place in football. UNT had no problem lining up and whipping us the old fashioned way. In my mind, the did themselves a disservice by implying that they needed slight-of-hand to win the game. Clearly, they did not.

The only reason why the refs didn’t blow the whistle is North Texas gave them a heads-up before the play. They staged the delayed return to take advantage of something they found on Arkansas game videos. We had a tendency they exploited.

Yea its bad! Were the topic of every sports show this morning…

I feel the exact same way


Now, some receiver is going to get hurt because he didn’t raise his arm high enough or the defender didn’t think he did on a fair catch and will be thinking about this game. The fair catch is for safety and NTU exploited that. When someone gets hurt you can blame the NTU coaches for creating it. Trick plays are great and you hate to be at the losing end of it. But, this is there for the safety of the players. It wouldn’t surprise me if the rules are changed because of this or after someone is hurt

I knew immediately when I saw it that the coaches must have given the refs a heads up. That’s the only way it would have worked. In the replay, you could see a ref in the background, staring intently - no, it didn’t catch the zebras by surprise.

But, here’s the thing. The refs should have instructed him that he could do whatever he wanted, but they would still call the game the way it needed to be called. When the kid “gave himself up”, the play should have been blown dead - period.

It’s a safety issue. UNT took advantage of a rule that’s supposed to protect the returner. Had we plastered the kid as he stood there & hurt him, what would the result have been.

I’m not at all embarrassed we were tricked on the play. Anybody could have been. Hell, that’s why they did it.

Arkansas got its pants pulled down.

All there is to it.

Ditto Dudley.

There was nothing even remotely close to a fair catch. You that are saying hands head high are reaching. And no it has nothing to do with giving yourself up Wiz. He did not signal. That play is typical of our focus in the NT game. Now, I do admit I thought it was bush league.

I don’t blame North Texas. It was a brilliant play. It may be outlawed in the future, but it was absolutely brilliant on their part because it is apparently legal when they ran it.

My disappointment was we didn’t drill him on the next punt when he did call fair catch. I know it would have resulted in a penalty and maybe an ejection, but it just seems that this team is playing passive. They need to be more aggressive, and perhaps it would have lit a fire that would spark better play across the board. I know Arkansas would then be blamed for poor sportsmanship, etc., but sometimes you just have to prove a point (and it might show coaches that running such a trick play may not be worth it in the long run).

BINGO. But we got so called football experts defending this play as genius. I’m not saying the the Hogs didn’t get caught, but you can’t have it both ways. But that has always been a problem w college ball…the refs. There was a play Saturday where two forward passes were thrown…back a few years Duke -Miami fiasco…etc, etc.

I’m not a football expert and never claimed to be, but still think the play was brilliant. However, I also agree that the next player who does not clearly signal a fair catch is going to be a sitting duck. Coaches should think about that when they choose to do such trick plays. But Arkansas was caught as Dudley said with its pants down. That makes the play brilliant, whether we like it or not.

Sucker born every day!!