What a job by Jamie Dixon and TCU

In a difficult conference.

win over KU has to be among best all time TCU wins.

When he gets his players there they could be quite the program.

Impressive early in his tenure there.

You do realize TCU lost at home to Auburn?

Just asking.

Not a shot at Mike Anderson, who I’m glad we have, and support. But Dixon was my choice when we hired Pelphrey.

At that time, he was pretty entrenched at Pitt. But I’ve been keeping my eye on him for years. Not surprised to see his early success at TCU. The guy is a good coach.

He got extremely lucky that Kansas fell in love with the 3. As much as Kansas choked TCU took advantage and pulled it out.
I’m not a J. Dixon fan though. I hate Bill Self and Kansas. If Kansas never won another game I would be happy!

Who do you care for?

Our Coach Mike Anderson. Oh course there are others. For instance. I like Coach K.
I respect Frank Martin because he is a players coach and enforces standards.
I can’t stand Jim B. at Syracuse he’s as dirty and unethical as they come and it will be disgrace if he’s elected to any type of sports hall of fame.
Rick Pittino at Louisville he may be a good coach but getting hookers for recruits is way out of line and he should have been fired.
Jim Bo Fischer at Florida State played a rapist for 4 years and Florida State paid the girl a settlement after the star was in the NFL!
There are coaches out there I have no respect for period

What is your beef with Dixon and Self?

Coach Self is one of my closest coaching friends - what is it about him that you don’t like?

Comments: Due to TCU’s recent success on the gridiron and hardwood it is exactly those reasons why the Big Twelve decided to remain a twelve team conference , denying both Univ. Houston and Rice Univ.