What a horrible start for Jon Lester

As a Cardinal. He may not get out of the first inning.

Go Braves!!

Lester has been an outstanding pitcher over the past many years, but he is now throwing around 88 mph with the fastball. His control needs to be spot on to be effective, and that ump wasn’t giving him the black.

That ump seemed to have 2 strike zones. One for the Cards and one for the Braves. Still, I’m underwhelmed by the moves the Cards made at the trade deadline.

The Cardinals are not going to make the playoffs this year because there are only 5 teams in the NL playoffs…the 3 division winners and 2 wild card teams. The West will get the 2 wild cards, so it is probably wait until next year for St. Louis.

The brass knew that, so that may be why your Cardinals did not do much at the deadline.

My Cards and the Braves - my second favorite team - have both been really been average this summer.

I am just happy the Cardinals did not trade away any of our top prospects.

Of note, the Cards will play in Atlanta on July 4-7, 2022.

Odds are I will agree on Petra and I visiting her friends in ATL during that time. :sunglasses:

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yes Both teams have not been consistent at all.hopefully can get in a groove and make the playoffs.

The Braves are fun to watch…too bad Acuna got hurt.

I loved the Braves back in the old TBS days. They were on just about every game with Murphy, Horner, Niekro, Hubbard, Bobby Cox and a cast of thousands. The announcers, Skip, Pete, Ernie and the gang. I can hear them now.

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