What a horrible last play

We just stand around waiting for someone to do something. 1 second left down by one. So much for playing well. Out coached and out played whether we win or lose

Man you are busy.
Spouting the same stuff in every thread on TOP of the thread you created saying the SAME THING.
We get it bud.
We got “outcoached and outplayed”. We hear ya.
One loss and it’s “so much for playing well”.
You do realize this is a super young but very talented team yes?
Perhaps a little patience is justified for this group?

Be interesting to see if you have this many posts after a solid performance/win.

We got a 2 foot shot from our best player with under 2 seconds…couldn’t have run a better play.

This is what he does. Every year. Like clockwork. As soon as there is a bad loss it’s all about how awful they were and how much MA got “owned”.

The bottom line is Bassey outplayed Gafford and WKU hit a few more shots.

There were some things MA did that I didn’t like and some that I did.

But, more than anything, this was one of those inevitable clunkers for a super young team. The amazing part was they fought back and were in a position to win with one stop or a score.

Instead, Gafford tried to get a call and didn’t, Bassey blocked a layup and Gafford missed a 2-footer in traffic.

It was definitely disappointing and may be one that burns us in the end but it isn’t all that surprising.

WKU is pretty good (Espn Predictor gave them a 45% chance of winning before the game) and we didn’t play or shoot well.

But, the level of automatic, knee-jerk vitriol after they’ve played so well and so hard together before today is funny—we “got what we deserved”: RS “owns” MA; it was a “pitiful” performance. Same people. Every year. Same garbage.

Good grief. Grow up.

It was actually a good call and Gafford got a shot close to the basket that he wanted, he just missed it.

The key to your post is this team fights back and is in position to win. One of the most encouraging things I’ve seen from this team is their “grit” to rise above adversity and keep their composure. As mad as I am that we lost, this is a plus in a loss.

Nothing wrong with the play. It almost worked.

Yes, I agree that this was a painful loss today, but not completely unexpected.
WKU has a darn good team which has defeated both the Hogs and West Virginia on the road this year. They have one the best centers in all of college basketball, a five star recruit that is a future lottery pick most likely and he came into BWA and was the most influential player on the court today.

I felt this would be a tough game even at home due to our youth and inexperience, but truly thought that playing a BWA would be enough to get us the win, but WKU would have none of that.

However, we must remember that this version of Razorbacks are very young and talented and have been improving for the most part all season and have never been completely out of any game this season and should’ve beaten Texas albeit some issues with late free throws and questionable end game strategy.
Nevertheless, I see a group of guys that play hard all game for each other, their coaches, fans and the name on the front of the jersey and because of that I believe these guys have a chance to win between 20-23 games this season and make the NCAA Tournament.

Go Hogs!

I have praised them all year. They played bad today. They were 4 and 4. A good team? Mercy. We were playing at home. Enough said

It was neither a good loss or the end of the world as you seem to be setting the narrative

They did not execute the play as it was drawn up.

Harris then got antsy and drove.

You have praised them all season. And I knew it was phony. Didn’t say anything, because why bother.

We should have won. We didn’t play as well as we had been. But, WKU is a good team. That’s why they were predicted to give us a good game and that’s why their RPI/NET rankings are good. They beat West Virginia. They have a 1st rounder.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t have won. I’m saying your level of freaking out is typical and over the top.

And, yes. WKU is good. They’ll win a lot of games this year. I would think that someone who posts as much as you about basketball would be able to see that.

Young team, down 1 ref, WKU controlled tempo and missed free-throws sums up this game. Its always the coaches fault if a play does not work but if you freeze the last play, WKU player was holding Dan’s right hand. All this stuff happens but the sky is not falling–I really like this squad that MA has put together and think he is doing well with them. I think we need to Jordan Phillips involved and him not being involved is likely because of his injury that prevented him for practicing.

Couple questions (your opinions if you would sir).

  1. Do you think Desi (seemed to have a hot hand yesterday) should have been on the floor at the end?

  2. It seemed to me the bald ref was letting them play and the other guy was calling touch fouls, do you think the third ref would maybe have called more fouls on AR’s end? (I don’t mean in favor of AR, I mean on the end of the court where the bald guy was on the baseline)