What a gutsy win

Huge, had to have, win! And what a game ending catch by Fletcher.

Now, where do we (and Auburn) find pitching for tomorrow?

Amen, bro!

Will be like a midweek game

Likely both teams score in double digits tomorrow.

Worry about that tomorrow! If I was guessing I think Wicklander will start!
The pitching will be really wild tomorrow.
I hope the cracker box strike zone is expanded!

I’m amazed the hogs fought out this win! This is the type of game you can gain some confidence from winning on the road!

Which of course means it will be 2-1.

That reversed call at home really saved us.

Yes. And while it appeared clear he was out I thought for sure they would say there wasn’t enough to overturn. DVH was livid.

Gotta love winning after a premature home plate dogpile.

The dog-pile just turned out to be a pile…

Arkansas never threw Patrick Wicklander. I would assume he’ll start the game tomorrow.

I also would think that Scroggins and Cronin are good for a little while each - probably no more than an inning for Cronin. After that, it’s just depending on the freshmen who have been erratic.

Matt, what are the chances we see all freshman pitching for the weekday games? Seeing guys like Ramage, Zeb, and Kopps play against UALR probably didn’t help us much for games like today. Also, the more innings the pups get, the better they’ll be for May, right?

Amazing throw by Franklin to nail the runner at the plate, and just as amazing was the lunging tag by Opitz to brush the sliding runner’s wrist before he touched home plate. Also, what a difficult sliding catch of a sinking liner by Fletcher to end the game! Those two key defensive plays were just two among several great defensive plays that saved our bacon, pardon the pun. Opitz has to be bruised all over from blocking so many balls in the dirt behind the plate yesterday.

Really proud of the way our guys gutted it out and refused to give up in that second game.

And a special shout out to the Auburn dugout whose behavior made our guys mad enough to want to smash their hopes.