What a gutsy win!

Great job Hogs!
Great job CMA!

That should put us in the dance, baby.

Good win I agree but don’t forget we have 5 games left and 4 of them are almost must wins. And we have Florida at their place and they lost their big man last night with a torn ACL
If we win the Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Auburn
and Georgia. Then we don’t lay an egg at Florida we should get in with a win in the SEC tournament.
Hope for the wins. With an

Win out at home, though, and we are in.

But yes, that is not a given.

I agree. Very good win. I will definitely give credit where credit is due, and Mike Anderson and team deserves credit. I am hard on Mike at times, but this is not one of them. Just the opposite. Great coaching job and great basketball play by our Razorbacks.

It’s a big step in the right direction, but there’s still 20% of the season remaining (five games and at least one in the tournament). Gotta build on this one, but that’s a lot easier to do than coming back from a 50+ RPI which is what we would have had with a loss tonight.