What a great win!

And I didn’t think as a team we played that well. We have a lot of sloppy play at key times to clean up. But man they played hard, and found a way. FT’s have to get better. Gotta find our shooters better in key possessions, gotta make better decisions with the ball.

Gafford was incredible. Just phenomenal effort.

Good insights. Most of the improvements you mentioned are rookie mistakes. These kids play hard. FT must improve.

Great win for these youngsters, they make mistakes but they don’t quit & keep moving cutting & scrappy on defense. Big Dan came in & took it over when he had to & had a great 2nd half. He gonna need help when he sits. I think that comes around eventually, we held our own 1st time he sit today, but floundered the 2nd time.
All in all when it got close late we persevered.

Just the kind of game you like. Lots of dunks. :slight_smile:

It’s always about the DPG

Ya. We won without our best scorer playing well. Tried to get Gafford a much-needed rest before a timeout, had a bad run of calls (Gabe stole the ball, had it, passed and somehow it was a fouls, then got 2-hand hammered in the face) and then came back and imposed our will by running our OFFENSE and getting our best played the ball in a position to dominate.

Miller made excuses (injuries) but they still had some major ballers and we took them down when they were favored.

Sent text to friend around the 13 minute in first half and told him I saw glimpse of hawg ball. Guards all over the place. Like it

The second team has to get better. Lots of sloppy play when the starters were on the bench.