What a great G-League game by JWill


Mini-Doncic performance.


Nice stat line, hope he can transport those type of stats to the NBA.
If so, he will have the opportunity to have a very nice career in the NBA. If not, next stop will be somewhere overseas!
Hope he gets it done.
Any info on Isiah Joe and how his decision to leave for the league early is working out for him?

Fantastic game for JWill, hopefully he will make it in the NBA and get really rich and smile a lot.

Isaiah has found a spot in the rotation for Thunder. He is one of the top percentage three point shooters in the NBA. He is still a shooter and not a scorer, so his role continues to be about 15-17 minutes off the bench. I don’t think he is ever going to be a scorer, just not that explosive off his feet. So, I am not sure if it would have helped him to stay longer at Arkansas.