What a great first half

Spread the floor, dump the press, play solid defense. Our recipe for success. Plus we’re hitting shots. Great first half.

I’m not going to get excited yet, but it’s good to see us playing this well, even if it is only for a half, against an elite team on the road. Who knows? This is the team that beat LSU on the road. I’m afraid to watch, though.

I keep getting the feeling where going to jinx them by being excited

That was by far the best half of basketball the hogs have played this year. The only grip I have is the shots by Harris and Gabe. The only turnover under the Kentucky basket after we get a rebound and give it back for an easy bucket.

Very impressive half indeed.

I’m not surprised KY came back to win, but I’m proud of the team. I thought they had probably packed it in after that TAMU game, but they showed some grit & fight tonight.