What a great defensive game Houston vs Nova

Game’s in the 40s, but so well played.

Reminds me so much of the NMSU game it’s scary. Nova is winning shooting 28.8%.

I feel sorry for Moore, that didn’t look good

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Houston is 1-16 from three (6.3%). And only down 6 at the end of the game. A lot of those three attempts were good open looks, gotta make some of those. And now 1-18.

And that 18th was a GREAT LOOK

well-played? well :thinking:

Yeah. But playing defense like both teams played takes your legs away and kills those 3 point shots late in the first half and especially at the end of games.

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Horrendous basketball. It’s why the NBA is so much better than this offensive pile of crap.

If you didn’t think that game was well played, you just don’t like great defense. I love Coach Jay Wright and the way he constantly wins big without an abundance of NBA players. He orchestrates great offense and defense and his players execute it. He develops really good players over 2 or 3 years into great team players.


Feel bad for Houston. Gosh, it was there for them to win that game. Couldn’t make a 3-pt shot or a FT to save their lives.

Nova is OK, but not nearly as good as their 2016 and 2018 teams.

I think I heard them mention what a defensive struggle this game was. Same as the 54-49 Iowa St win over Wisky, a defensive masterpiece. A few of those in the tourney, the only one that wasn’t a great defensive game was the 53-48 Arkansas win over NMSU. That was just terrible, terrible basketball, ugly ugly. One of the worst games ever played in the NCAAT.

I don’t even listen to the talking heads on these pre-game and halftime shows anymore. Just keep watching my Hogs and believing.

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Jay Wright didn’t do anything. 3% from three gets you beat. Houston just sucked more than Nova.

Yeah, unfortunately. Was pulling for the Coggs. Oh well.

Now we have to listen to the media bobbleheads talk about what a great defensive team 'Nova is.

Defense had nothing to do with that game. Just terrible, terrible offense.

Other than following Arkansas players in the NBA, basketball ends at the college level.

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