What a great day to sit home

… and watch TV. First there was the Army/Navy march on, then the Hog basketball game (I don’t go to basketball, but I do watch), now the Army/Navy game (Go Navy, Beat Army - Daddy was a Marine!), and later tonight the final (10th) go-round of the NFR.

I’m just sitting here working on a large glass of wine and enjoying it all.

Some days are better than others! Enjoy

Ahh yesssss…Dilly Dilly!!!

Just finished Round 10 of NFR. That thing just gets better and better. Wow. One thing I thought as they introduced the champions about how these are the type guys you want your kids to look up to. Obviously, just great, great young men and women. Also, you have to remember, if they do not win, they do not get paid. Slackers don’t last long at this game.


What’s NFR?

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I had to google it–National Finals Rodeo. We had two parties, one at an Annapolis grad’s house for the Army-Navy Game. Watched the first half of the basketball game before heading over. Then, another neighbor’s party after the game. No rest for the weary.

Yeah, this is the first year I’ve missed the national finals of rodeo. Bummer.

Not only do these cowboys and cowgirls not get paid they have huge expenses in horses, tack, trucks and trailers (for the timed events). All have big travel expenses since they are on the road a big portion of the year. And all contestants pay an “entry fee” just to enter. And let’s not forget the ever present danger that each one faces to compete. I’ve seen many injuries in my time. And when they are injured to the point they can’t compete - they have no paycheck. Thus many compete with injuries that many of us would be at home recovering from.

Good people out there in the rodeo world.

I had family Christmas event, then got sucked into President Cup golf that went past 11 pm. Tiger led the charge to keep it from being a monumental upset. Lots of themes to follow, including dark cloud (Patrick Reed).

I was sucked in to the President Cup myself except I’m on Eastern Standard Time. I felt it getting up early for church this morning. Controversy follows Reed whenever he goes. His family story (Mom & dad) is sad.

Life is short, forgive and love.