What a game by the Thunder and JWill

Thunder wins at NO and JWill with trip 8s. 8 boards, 8 assists, and 8 points. He was their point center tonight and the coach gave him 32 minutes. Thunder won by 5 and JWill was high +/- with +20. Gilgious Alexander was great with 32 points. Giddy was just one board short of a triple double. If the Thunder can win at Minn, they’ll be the 8-seed.


Yeah, I saw that. The announcers couldn’t stop talking about that.


I have followed OKC all year. If I am not mistaken, 32 minutes is the most Jaylin has played all year. He was +20.

Isaiah Joe has relatively quiet night. Hit his first shot, a three and then went scoreless shooting 1-6 in 19 minutes.

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That was Mark Jackson. Also Jeff Van Gundy jokingly suggested that “since both Jaylin Williams and Jalen Williams from Santa Clara play on the same team, one of them must change his name. It is too difficult on the announcers.”

I’ve watched several of his games this year, and this was the best I’ve seen him play. Tonight he looked like the player who clearly was the MVP of the Hogs run to their 2nd Elite Eight. He got a double double in all 4 games and averaged 14 points and 12 boards. Oh, and he took a bucket full of charges


Van Gundy called him Jaylen Williams Arkansas one time during the broadcast. That will work


Great Game by JW, +20 is impressive, don’t know why he is shooting 7 3’s though.

JWill has actually been very good shooting 3s. Even after that 1-7 last night, he’s still shooting 3s at 40.7% They want him shooting 3s. It looks like last night was an aberration.


He was wide open on 6 of those 7 attempts. As Harley said, he has shown he can make those and they want him to shoot those. In NBA now, everyone shoots 3s if left open.


Yeah, I should have looked at his season stats before commenting. Obviously, not watching much NBA.

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