What a crazy season.......

You know, I feared and confided to several folks that I thought it would be a tough year back in August. What a crazy way (good and bad) to end up there right at where I thought we would end up - actually one game better.

Having been a passionate fan of the college game in general for almost 50 years now - it kinds of puts games like today in perspective. We just didn’t have it. We were way ahead early without even playing well. I think this team made us believe they might be better than they really were at times and could also make you want to throw up.

At the end of the day - we had plays that were there and just didn’t make the play. Coaching could have been better, but I don’t think our heart was really in this one. I feared it all week long.

I’ll be around to watch many more seasons, God willing - but I’m not sure we’ll see any more befuddling team than this one has been at times.

Go Hogs!