What a complete and total cluster (lot 56)


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Getting there was no problem. Leaving was a nightmare. We usually route around by the high school. This year the street was blocked, forcing everybody to leave on MLK. I sat there what seemed like an hour.

Clay, you made good time. I am assuming your drive was beautiful after the recent rains greened things up and put some water in the creeks. That drive is not an easy drive, but it can be a really peaceful drive.

We used to route back to the NW of the stadium to Sang and then to Wedington. We did that on our own and gradually over the years (and stadium expansions) others begin to figure it out and we no longer had an easy exit. I’ve not tried that route now that I am south of the stadium. Might be one lot too far away to get to Palmer, but I am sure going to give it a try.

I received an email from u of a about game day experience, I filled out a survey I mentioned in survey about exiting lot 56, it probably won’t do any good, but if enough people complain about it that gets the survey maybe it will improve some

I heard that free parking around Baum Stadium ( for football games) has been reduced drastically.

Does anybody know if that is true?

Sometimes, we meet friends (without parking passes) at the game and want to advise them where to park.

I wrote a long comment about all of the problems, including the fact that while we were still waiting to exit the lot Razorback Road had no real traffic.

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Didn’t they allow fans in two hours before the game? Maybe it’s been an hour and half for awhile but I just noticed that yesterday.

I believe only suite holders get in 2 hours before kick-off now.

I’m sure the hour and half contributed to the lines.

Suite and NEZ club level get in 2 hours before kickoff.

If UofA & HY care enough about attendance & revenues to fill RRS, hopefully they find some solutions to ease the traffic bottlenecks.

As expensive as it is to attend the games, including the cost of tickets, concessions, parking, & the drive to NWA, faithful fans may instead choose to start watching the games at home from their recliners with readily available cheap concessions via their nearby fridge. .


Call the Foundation if you are a contributor and let them know of both problems (gate access and egress delays). With the efforts to fill RRS this year, and in view of the mess with the Garth concert, I am surprised the Parking Lot egress plan did not go smoothly. As you mention, attending games is an option more and more for many fans, and standing in line to enter a stadium or sitting jammed in traffic are not fun experiences. Hopefully, with an early morning game, Hunter will work quickly in assuring needed corrections are made prior to Saturday morning.

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I didn’t attend, but I had friends that went and the scanner wasn’t working. Was this an isolated incident or did other fans have this problem? The traffic bottleneck sounds horrible.

I received the usual fan experience survey this afternoon. I actually took the time to fill it out this time along with a lengthy 4 paragraph response in the comments section. Covering most of what has been mentioned here (Lot 56 Exit Traffic Pattern, Excessive lines at the gates before the game. Also I have leased a spot in the Gardens since it opened and they couldn’t manage to cut the grass the week before the first game, the extremely slow loading process of the buses at Lot 56 and the parking lot that was Stadium Drive for the busses returning to Lot 56 from Gate 16. It was well over 2 hours to get back to lot 56 from Gate 16. Also how in the world do they have not salt for the pretzels in the South Outdoor Club during the 1st quarter. This stuff is not really that hard. They should really consider “hiring” a group of long time season ticket holders from a variety of donation levels to suggest improvements and make sure all the boxes are checked. Just like the Pitt WV game where they ran out of beer. How does this happen. And what do they think is going to happen when Tenn plays Pitt.

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Yes, what was the deal with the shuttles picking up at gate 16? Had busses headed in the wrong way parked where the shuttles usually are parked. This is my 3rd season riding the shuttles to and from lot 56. This never happened before.

This may actually work out well for us in the end. We gave up on the shuttles and just took the 15 to 20 minute walk (all down hill) to lot 56. At my age, the walk up is tough, but the return was actually a pretty easy walk and much faster than using the shuttles, even when they are operating properly. We cut through, before the track center, to BWA and walked to 56 through the Gardens.

When I got off the bus to walk, the bus driver asked if she could go with us.

It is really ridiculous. It isn’t like this is a new thing, the UA hosting football games, or any major changes in the surrounding thoroughfares.


I predicted that before the game looking at the plan.

I just don’t get what they were thinking.


Good luck getting any response from the surveys. I’ve filled one out each of the last 3 seasons detailing issues we’ve experienced with concessions (running out of hot dogs in first half, not having Gatorade stocked, only half registers being utilized, etc.). Each time I’ve checked the box saying I’m willing to talk to someone “in-person” about it. Assumed this would be a phone call or at least a follow-up e-mail. Nothing out of it.

I even asked if there was an official member of the staff that I could talk to. Nothing.

May seem like a small thing to some but this would tick me off.