What a change

How good a feeling is it to wake up on the final week of the regular season and to be focused on seeding rather than bracketology ,this reminds me of the 90’s when our Hogs would start coming together as a team.


Not only that, but we’re focused on a good seed versus a better seed, not worrying if we’ll get out of the 8-9 game.


Makes for much better chat these days,
instead of the coulda, woulda, shoulda while missing the dance. blaming coaches, players, refs.

This will be Arkansas’s fourth appearance in the NCAAs in the last seven years. That is really 4 in last 6 since there was no NCAA tournament in the last season.

This is second only to Kentucky in the SEC, which has had five and and tied with Florida, assuming Gators get an invite this year.

Other than not making it to second week of NCAAs, it has not been sitting around wondering if we are going to make it at least four out of those seven years, During the last seven years, Kentucky, Arkansas and Florida have been the three best the teams in the SEC.

Having said that, it definitely feels different this year than the other three NCAA appearances. This team has been on a roll unlike any of the other three Razorback teams and seems better positioned to make a deep run and Sweet 16 and beyond seems more likely. All cylinders except Sills and Jackson are on fire and those two could go off any game. It is always good to have some weapons standing by.

The Portis led team that made NCAAs and was seeded 5 comes closest to it, but not quite because Portis was kind of fading at the end.

Exciting next four weeks of Razorback basketball is ahead of us. Let’s keep everyone healthy.

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Yes, but if I remember right, Qualls was offsetting that a little, as he was on fire toward the end. He had worked himself into a late first round to early second round NBA draft pick on most mock drafts.

That team has been my favorite non-Nolan team in the last 2.5 decades. This current team can replace them as my favorite, but they still have work left to do so. I do, though, expect them to do exactly that.

One reason that team had kind of a special place in my heart, was that I had watched both Portis and Kingsley play with the Wings Elite AAU team in Hampton, VA after their Jr seasons. I was still living in VA Beach at the time. They were both very respectful young men when I got to meet them. They were also both big Razorback fans.

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Someone posted we have a positive Covid on the men’s basketball team! Have you heard anything?

Army, we are checking on the substance and specifics of those rumors.

Speculation is fun, but also dangerous.

As for this basketball team, what a turnaround. The return and toughness of Justin Smith, Devo’s energy. the emergence of Williams and the consistency of Moody and Tate have all been keys.

I think you also have to give Coach Muss and his staff high marks for their adjustments on the floor and off.


I recall Clay posting that the entire team had COVID over the summer. Hope he is right. I am hanging on to that. I am too excited over this team, to have something silly come in the way.

I am by no means a Dr. or have much COVID insite, but a guy that works for me got COVID and I was joking that “well you don’t have to worry about that again “ and he said the dr. Told him, after having COVID, your only immune for like 4 to 6 months. If true, that they had it in the summer, that time has lapsed. I know we have plenty of Drs on here and I’m sure they ll explain

There have been a very few cases of people having COVID twice. The time of immunity is not definite, but thought to be 3-6 months

Nobody knows the true length of immunity. Early thought was about 3 months. As of late, it has increased (which could be due to the fact they’ve now got a much larger set of data). Pretty sure the NBA has said you don’t need to quarantine for close contact if you’ve had it in past 6 months, which was an increase from their initial ruling last year.

The fact that nobody else is known to be impacted right now could lead one to conclude that “most” had it last summer. Could also mean that someone had a false positive test…either then or now.

Yes sir!
Last year we watched a wore out team coming down he stretch to end game have no energy left to hold leads. The added depth this season has changed that. The hogs have heart and fight! The coaching and adjustments CEM and his staff make in game is awesome. The prep for game shows on the floor and it fun to watch. Hog ball has returned.

There are also false positives.


I hope it’s a false positive! That has happened before.

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Talking about false positives in the summer. I hate it when I’m not communicating well.

Justin Smith is the best PF at Arkansas since Derek Hood.

So glad he chose Arkansas for his final season of college hoops.

Also think he’s gotta a decent shot at playing in the NBA…

Also by what Justin Smith has been able to do in one year as a hog could help show other players what they accomplish under the leadership of CEM and this coaching staff.

No doubt.

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