What a 2nd half by Ricky

19 points for the game, 18 in the 2nd half. I commented at half-time it was the worst half he’s played. All he did was follow it up with the best half he’s played.

Outstanding game by Brazile also.


Brazile was the ESPN Player of the Game despite the accolades given during the telecast for Kamani Johnson.

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Yes, Brazile certainly deserved it. Kimani was just the Player of the game for the Razorback radio network. I’m glad they gave it to him. He also deserved the reward.

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I bet the SDS coach didn’t cast a vote for Brazile, he and Trevon had an ongoing dialogue in the latter part of the second half and beyond. BlairCartright has a tweet making the rounds showing the postgame scuffle. I guess if we were looking for a true rivalry SDS might fit the bill. We don’t seem to like them and they certainly don’t like the Razorback. :sunglasses:

Update: Matt had previously placed the tweet in the game thread.

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Interesting that the tournament itself, said security acted quickly in removing those involved from the arena. They usually don’t do that for teams. Fans, yes