Whar's TCU?

In the early 70’s, a pretty good RB/DB from my hometown was told that TCU would like for him to visit the campus.His response, " whar’sTCU"? was understandable at the time. TCU was a football nobody in those days. They hadn’t been good since Sammy Baugh and Moses were young men, and they rarely appeared on TV. The Frogs may have come up in the football world since those days, but I think I can finally answer the question of whar’s TCU? They’re hiding from their hiding. That’s whar they are.

An example of support TCU had in the “Good Ole Days”, we were playing them in LR and it was hot as blue blazes. I remember the huge circulating fans they had behind their benches were labeled “TCU Theater Department”. The FB team didn’t have their own fans but the Theater Dept did.

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Yeah Drama fans, players named Busty and Judy, and lavender colored jerseys. Those were the days for the frogs!

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