Has he been slowed by a bad ankle? Is he happy being a Hog, could Hayden and Williams getting more work lead to a transfer?

Whaley missed some practice time after the TCU game because of a sore ankle. Transfer? Wow, that escalated quickly, didn’t it. I’d say that is a reach.

Nope just a question, kids transfer all the time based on playing time.

The thing to remember is that Devwah figured he was going to be splitting playing time this season. I don’t think his snaps are any less than he expected.

I don’t think Whaley expected to be 2nd or 3rd team. David Williams has been a huge surprise. He is big, fast, agile and has been very impressive. Chase Hayden is a great alternative to the powerful Williams. Whaley has been a disappointment so far.

I do remember Coach Bielema saying Whaley may be the most talented back he ever recruited. Hopefully, he can break out of his funk.

He expected to be second-team coming into the spring; it wasn’t until the final spring practice that all the focus shifted to him.

He’s still first-team, by the way. He hurt his ankle against TCU, was limited in practice and Arkansas had worked up some stuff with the Wildcat for Texas A&M on the first drive, so Hayden got the start. Whaley still leads the team in carries.

I doubt Devwah has given one thought to transferring.

I do think he is giving a lot of of thought to being healthy and getting his share of the load.

That’s good news.

I think Whaley has been fine. I understand that he’s had some small injuries to fight through, but I expect him to do some great things this year. You need three or four excellent running backs in the SEC and they are all basically “first team.” Whaley is off to a slow start, but I think he’ll kick in.

Reggie Mitchell said the current ideal split of carries is 15 each for Devwah and David and 10 for Chase.

This thread reminds me of the comments made about DJ Williams. It was stated that he WAS going to transfer. Of course the next day he was seen at a basketball game in the middle of the trough. And, OBTW he stayed at Arkansas and won the Mackey award.

Devwah is off to a slow start for two reasons: 1. He’s had a hurt back and a hurt ankle, and 2) they limited his carries in game 1 and the there was nowhere to go in game 2.

Haydon is supremely talented. But don’t underestimate Devwah. His day is coming. As soon as he is healthy on days when there are holes to run through.

Why would he transfer and take a chance of getting less playing time, especially when he got the opportunity to play a quite a bit here last year as true freshman along side the leading rusher in the SEC. Even he entertained the thought of transferring I bet Raleigh is right there to convince him otherwise.
Let the kid get healthy and see what happens.

I suppose there is a chance.
I suppose there is also a chance that
we beat Alabama this year.

I think he is a rhythm type back. Its hard to get a rhythm when you’re switching every series.

Good RB’s can have rhythm together, ie AC and JW. Staying healthy and/or fighting thru nagging little injuries is key.
I think we have a good core of RB’s and it all starts with Whaley, but Hayden is right there to take over if needed.

Wow now I’ve heard some real silly stuff.
I guess pulling a Houston Nutt and playing someone hurt is what folks want. I do know this if you watched the games and followed the summer work outs as a fan you would know what is going on.
Whaley is a great back and will get it going!