Whaley will play Saturday

Bret Bielema said Whaley suffered a minor injury in the fight with Brandon Martin, but has been cleared to play against Texas A&M.

Brandon Martin, who suffered a hamstring injury in practice two weeks ago, will not travel with the team. Bielema said that decision was made prior to the fight and is related only to the injury.

Well we all know now.

It is interesting to go back and read the post that first mentions Devwah’s broken jaw and watch how it gets all blown out of proportion. Locker room scuffles have long been part of team sports. It’s just a purge valve. I like having a fiesty horse in the stable before the race. I hope this whole team is spirited this Saturday. I hope our coach is too. Go Hogs!

Unfortunately that happens a lot on the Internet. Our reporters never went with that because no one we trusted could verify that was true.

Which is exactly why I love this site.

BTW, it was funny at the Catfish Hole tonight. The rumors were being quoted as fact and Whaley’s tweet was being scoffed at because “there was no way that he could play.” They all had to back track a little while later.

Why wouldn’t people believe Whaley’s tweet? If it weren’t true and he wasn’t going to play, the coaching staff would have told him to stay quiet on the subject and let them handle it. Or at least it seems that way to me.

Some always seem to want to believe the worst.

Hope some of this in house aggressiveness shows up Saturday on the field, but not in fights. Good to hear the broke jaw rumor squashed we need Whaley, Williams and the boys to be ready! WPS

Surely the coaches confirmed also that there was no concussion from the fight, which would also mean that he should not play. I’m looking forward to a lot of yards on the ground (to go with lots of air “miles”), hopefully split among all three of our backs.

Whaley is dressed for action today. I see him on the field. He is taking reps with the ones in the team part of pre-game.