Whaley & Hammonds

These two backs, have to touch the ball from here on out, I said it before in a post and I got ripped for it, but R. Williams can’t take anything to the house. He is a pretty good back, but he does not have that one cut and go in him, and that’s what were going to need these next few weeks. It hurt us against A&M when he broke one and got caught inside the 10, and in today’s game he had the chance to take one and couldn’t out run anyone. Those other backs have that one cut and take it to the next level, and I really hope moving forward they are getting a decent amount of carries…

Like you I’ll give my “arm-chair coaching” opinion. I think which ever backs tend to know the blocking responsibilities
on blitzes and know the plays and the checkdowns required to execute all plays should get the nod. Just being able
to outrun you opponent is just one facet of a back. Unless they have multiple facets, they are not ready yet to supplant
R. Williams. More carries, depends on what they can handle at this point. But thats just my opine and like yours, worth
very little to the real coaches on the field that know what they are doing and I trust them to do it.

Williams had 126 yards today. Not bad. Almost 10 yards per carry. I think he’ll do in a pinch.

Yes he is a good back but take to the house, the young man just can’t do…

Williams is solid. That’s not the argument. The argument is getting your speed on the field and getting them the ball in space.

DBs in the SEC can run. On the A&M run, Rawleigh and the safety were basically even the whole way. No one had an advantage.

I agree Richard, but at the same time it comes a point, when the back has to be able to make a cut and be able to take it the distance and I have yet seen him be able to do, and going forward in the next couple of weeks, we want be able to afford a long run and getting caught inside the 10 yard line…

Same thing was always said about A Collins, who btw is in the NFL now.

Usually, when you’re talking about guys like that it’s a McFadden, Fournette or so. Not many of those types around.

Collins cut on a dime, and I have not seen that yet…

Not putting those Freshman in that category but I do think atleast they can make above and get up field…

Time will tell.

Yes by his 2nd & 3rd year. If you remember after AC’s freshman year there was a lot of film watched by AC and the coaches explaining and showing him how much yardage he left on the field from impatience and wrong cuts. Good RB’s get better and better with experience, learning to wait on blocks and hit the right creases.
Whaley & Hammonds will get there shot, but all of our RB’s are still learning and catching up with the speed of D-1 ball.
Some of our no gains or short gains aren’t always the Olines fault. RB’s have to learn to see the smallest of creases to slip thru by seeing where the blocking is geared to go. Then they are the last line of defense for the QB on blitzes and stunts, most crucial.
AC mastered it and Raliegh right now is the best at it, but even he has a ways to go. We got a glimpse of what the future holds with Dev and TJ and it looks good.

The RB position is in excellent hands for the next 4 years. RWIII is solid and the bell cow we can count on, but injuries pile up quickly in the SEC so Hammonds and Whaley are going to get a lot of snaps. Hammonds has the best cuts right now when our Oline is not creating good running lanes.

I think Whaley will continue to get more touches. I think Williams will still get plenty, too. I don’t think you are going to see Whaley and T.J. Hammonds squeeze Williams off the field. All three will play. The one I think loses touches is Kody Walker.

Pretty telling when the sixth-year senior gets the same number of carries as the career walk-on (Connor McPherson) and the wide receiver (Hollister). BTW, Hollister did a pretty good job on those jet sweeps.

I would like to see more of TJ now that he is well. It looks like he can make people miss him and get yardage in a tight situation. We are fortunate to have all 3 and Kody Walker.

Hammonds has cutting ability that allows him to find creases when our Oline is not creating good running lanes. While our Oline is gelling it is good to have guys like Hammonds that can make something out of small creases.

But he does not (yet) have an SEC body that can take much of a pounding…and that will happen regardless of speed, quickness or cutting ability.

It’s not only about taking it to the house. That happens maybe 1 time every 2,3 games with heisman backs. Not our focus. Must protect qb and know playbook.