Whaley and Williams

They are going to be special next year.


I liked how hard they ran today against the Gators. Displayed a lot of determination and spirit.

What concerned me though was how easy the Gator DBs just picked up Whaley (twice) and slammed him down on the turf. He really needs to hit the weight room after the season and learn how to run lower. Per Frank Broyles, he also needs to be a BYOB…Be Your Own Blocker. His goal is for the DBs to fear him, not slam him on the turf like a doll.

On one of those plays, though, Whaley delivered a blow on the sidelines instead of either stepping out of bounds or just trying to run through him. I like that he made the DB pay. He got wrestled to the ground but that’s ok, especially since it was 40 yards downfield.

They are already special

They compliement each other nicely - Thunder and Lightening. Anybody remember Daryl Bowles and Gary Anderson? (Actually, Whaley doesn’t resemble Anderson too much YET, but just wait.