Whaddya think- ? Who wins tonight?

Confident but nervous
Come on Isaiah !!

I think we win, hogs are playing pretty good ball with very little errors, fla defense has been shaky lately.

Hogs will win 10-3!!!

all about if Campbell throws the ball well and can give us 4-5 innings if he does that I think we win.

Agreed. Sure wish we were the home team tonight.

More concerned about Campbell than Singer at this point. If Campbell can get us to say 5 innings with very minimal damage, say 1 or maybe 2 runs then we have a fantastic shot as Singer is on very short rest and at some point one would think he loses some steam and then the attack is on. We have to be incredibly patient and make him work a ton of long at bats and see if we can bounce him early with either a high pitch count or lots of runs.

I am more nervous for this one than I was the last 2 that’s for sure!

The two times we’ve beaten Singer we got to him early. Three runs in the third in Gainesville this year, eight runs in the first two innings in Hoover last year. That’s our MO anyway, scoring early.

I’m afraid to predict or even guess. I’m not superstitious at all, but I don’t want to jinx us. :smiley:

Didn’t see this youdaman before I posted pretty much same thing in another thread. Of course, it probably mirrors thinking in general of just about everyone on this forum. I’m just concerned about IC getting out to a fast start. If he gets in early trouble, I’m not as confident about his ability to hang in there and get on track as game progresses.

I’m sure we will have Reindl ready early but he hasn’t pitched since the super regionals and wasn’t sharp at all then so Campbell definitely needs to get us 5 to give us our best chance

Hogs win 9/3. Campbell pitches 5 1/3 innings and Jake goes 2 2/3 and Cronnin get one inning of work.
Campbell just needs to relax.
Get to Singer Top 1 with 2 or 3 runs and keep adding to lead! Once we get intheir bullpen I think we will have better sucess with the bases loaded than TT had last night.

I want us to win, therefore I think we win.
Sad thing is, I never get everything I want!
It’s baseball!
You throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball. If we do all those things well, we will win!