Whaaat? Ole Miss flips Florida 4* QB

https://247sports.com/college/ole-miss/ … -112309303

This is straight from the “too bizarre to understand” category. Unbelievable and disgusting

I here they are paying in bitcoin now! Not traceable.

The young man feels like Ole Miss put more stock in him also the ability to play.
The starter transferred and the back I think has I year to play.

Yes, I think Jethro sealed the deal for Ole Piss. He flew out to Long Beach CA to MAKE SURE the kid remained committed to Gators…should’ve stayed in Gainesville!

The Hawaiian qb has one year left so the kid has a chance to play as a soph (or R/S frosh).

I think this HELPS us with Bohannon. His Mom really liked OM from the standpoint she could see him play all home games (She is in school administration at Earle and HAS to be at all the Bulldog HS Friday games). She wanted him at OM since it is only 2.0 hrs away and she could make it to the games.

Well, I’ll be damned…the OM Bears just got a 2019 4* RB commit…
Jerrion Ealy from Jxon Prep… WTH!!! YES, they’re using BITCOIN!..not traceable!

If this keeps up, there will be statues built in the Grove in the near future and abruptly pulled down when the NCAA catches up with Ole Miss soon after.

Guess they are still paying good. Real good.

Some never learn!

told him that he values dual threat QB more and would expect a QB with run skills to run his offense.

OK. That’s funny …