Whaaat? Goodell Could Reverse Call against Saints?

https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/wild … ly-use-it/

He’s not about to but I bet they put in another review process. One thing I feel would help is to have full time employees, not businessmen like most of them are now.

In the SEC the replay officials would have stopped the game and most likely ruled helmet to helmet (targeting). Pass interference could not be replayed in the SEC. When SEC officiating is better than the NFL… you have a problem.

They should replay the final part of the game with the same number of factors:time outs left for both teams, same game clock time, etc AFTER the missed penalty is assessed. Let it play out with the same conditions in the dome. And the Saints win!

Fat chance of this happening. Lot more TVs in LA than in New Orleans. End of story. Ridiculous though at the end of the day that a spot in the Super Bowl was decided on a horrible call that can’t be remedied by a replay booth or something!

bountygate will live in infamy for saints, Goodell will always suck based on that. Pompous and pretentious and overpaid. Riveron will go down, wish he would take Rogers Redding with him. All the platitudes about how good they usually are and it is a part of the game contribute to the inertia. Riveron needed firing before and even more now. The NFL was being chintzy with Blandino who is the best and most likely to get the job again at a salary bump. Goodell will be a bump on a log and grow some more warts. Will not apologize will pull the platitudes and part of the game as apology.

Florio uses his legal training in a good way rarely, but does so in this case:

https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2 … in-theory/

McVay was a prick and says it was a good play and just bang bang.

Gary Cavaletto and Patrick Turner are the guily parties, Vinkovich denying he saw it stinks to high heaven because plenty of gifs show him looking right through the ball. Not a single angle to create doubt that it was DPI and helmet to helmet contact. Cavaletto had a multitude of let em play misses that the FOX crew noted and questioned. I’m all for firing based on gross misconduct which is the standard that most other workers are held to on their job. I would have killed someone in my line of work if I was as bad as this crew.

They should allow reviews during the last two minutes; making the two minute warning matter.

Just PI or all penalties reviewable in the last 2 minutes? Because there will be missed or questionable holding calls (which could be almost every play) or offsides or block in the back or multitude of others called or not called which may negate or allow a 1st down or a turnover or whatever situation. Then teams, fans, media, lawyers, etc. screaming as the cause of a team losing the game.

I agree on virtually every play holding technically takes place. It might be best to have an objective crew in a control booth decide which plays to review. And maybe only fouls that affect the play should be viewed. But it is humanly impossible for every call to be accurate.

Yea that may work (objective crew that decides when & what to review).
Personally, I think leave well enough alone before all penalties & infractions are called from the review booth while officials on the field just spot the ball where told & keep fights under control & keep coaches off the field. Lol.

Yes, it might be better to forget reviews basically. I hate baseball reviews and do think reviews make games much less watchable. Let em play and make the officials better qualified if possible.

Jimbeau, we are talking NFL football, not Alabama football. :wink:

Alabama Rams!

NFL leadership is gutless and PC ruled. Officials have too much leeway and too little oversight, in college and pros.

Two Minute “Warning”… the Saints should have taken that seriously.