WFT has a new name

It’s the Commanders. Red Hogs was among the names considered, but they settled on Commanders.

As a kid who grew up watching Sonny Jurgensen and Bobby Mitchell, I find this repugnant.

You mean one of my subordinates?

Commander? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Hey, I like it.

Commanders? That’s as bad as Redskins.
Well, maybe not.

Old Redskins never die, they just fade away

Them folks in Washington are
full of chicken gizzards

They did this in the conservatory with a wrench

Commander? Like Commander in Chief?
Still an Indian reference.

Offensive to Americans everywhere

I think this is a military term

Dang Forrest. Look what these
shrimps in Washington have done.

Commanders? $%^# &%@
should have been Jelly Donuts!

We got no time for you ^^^^
Should have been the Washington Permanent Latrine Orderlies

Dang Hawkeve, Commanders was not on my radar

Well, goooollllie.

Thankfully Charlene, this is the end.


Great job, Pav…Funny. :grinning:

Made my day, Pav! Keep ‘em comin’…

I favor CLOWNS, more personality and the fries are better at Mickey D’s.

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Another reason why WFT really = WTF.

I was hoping for commodes…

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Red Coats?

X’cellent! :sunglasses:

All that time and that’s the best they could do?

Here’s how they got there:

Among things that came into play: ASWho has the name Red Wolves; WFT was considering RedWolves, one word, but trademark infringement on Jonesboro Tech was a consideration,

As a War of 1812 reference, the irony would be outrageous!

These dudes on SEC network have already crowned the Aggies national champions based on the recruiting. Why do we even play the games? I won’t even go over the factors that negate the idea that a top recruiting class guarantees success on the field. You know what they are. When recruiting is close, coaching and player development will be more influential. Probably even when the ranking is within 20 places. But that gets within the dark arts, so don’t hold me to hard numbers. My main point is it is ludicrous to crown a champion based on an edge of one 5-star player more than another team.
(This was supposed to go on a different topic, but I lost my place.)
But while here, why name a team after a mid-level Navy officer? I guess Admiral was already used and Captain is ambiguous, as it is a lower level Army rank but O-6 in the Navy, just below the Admiralty. How about something non-threatening but magnanimous and friendly, like the Washington Providers? And that’s appropriate for the area.

Quarterback play is the critical aspect. Jimbo has often failed in that key area.

Well, it is Washington!

Sounds a lot like LSU with the exception of Joe Burrow. For years they had everything in place except that one piece. Must have been very frustrating for them. Something like choking down a dry corn dog with no mustard.

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