We've been in the ditch (literally) for nearly 8 years - and finally

Hog fans have reason to be optimistic. Lets all be positive and enjoy the hope that will come with next season. If it (improvement) comes a little slowly next year lets be patient - I think we have the Coaches now that can get this thing turned around for good!

Ditto to that

I agree.

I think coach Sam may already be saving the program we all love.

Great assistant hires, and his love for the state and program is undeniable and contagious.

Will take time for sure, CSP is building at the right way… just need to get a quarterback who can operate briles system. We already have great receivers and will continue to add more,future is possibly very bright…

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I’m not going to get too high until I see it translated into wins on the field, but SP seems to be setting things up in the right way to get the program turned around.


I’m very optimistic but then I was 2 years ago also. Fingers crossed.