Wet Hog Sat? From here in Dallas I've

Seen 50-90% chance of rain in latest forecast

Hopefully it’s early Morni and cooler temps arrive for kick

I live in East Texas and watch the Tyler Texas TV channels. They say a cool front is going to come in late Saturday afternoon with chances of rain for our general area. Who knows, these weather guys never really know, kind of guessing in my opinion. I think if I was a player, I would rather play in a little lite cool rain, than dry conditions with hot & humid temps. One of my land surveyor friends always said about his profession, if you hired a surveyor and he could as wrong or right as the average weather man forecast, the iron rod property corners would not even be close to right location they needed to be driven in the ground.


I’m with you cooler temps sound great to me

I’m hoping for a downpour. May cause receivers to drop balls. Our running game may be an advantage in the rain.

The weather reports I’ve seen for Saturday indicate that it will rain during the day time, but taper off by night time.

It looks like the field will be wet, but there will be decent conditions for the game.