Western Kentucky U

I drove to an Amish pepper farm this morning in southern Kentucky to buy some Carolina Reapers (world’s hottest pepper). There were 10 farms and markets close to one another. I’ve never seen so many horse and buggies on the road at the same time!

As I was getting ready to leave I looked up Bowling Green and saw I was only 35 miles away so I drove toWestern Kentucky U. It’s big and very very hilly. I asked several students where the ticket office was but no one knew. So I called them regarding the December 7 game. The man at the the ticket office laughed and said they didn’t even know what time the game would be yet (waiting on the tv package) but we’re excited Arkansas was coming to their arena. He said for me to call back mid-October.

Me and one of my sons are going to go if we can get tickets.

While in Kentucky today I saw maybe 10,000 WKU T-shirts, 3 Razorback T-shirts, and zero U of Kentucky anything (no caps, shirts, bumper stickers… nothing).

I had on a hog t-shirt and ball cap. I said a woo pig to one young man wearing an Arkansas running hog t-shirt on and he had a blank look on his face. Turns he was from Canada and sells products for a small company to Wal Mart so he goes to Bentonville a lot. He knew nothing about Arkansas or the Razorbacks just thought the t-shirt was cool. So I gave him a mini lesson about the Razorbacks. He laughed and thanked me. He said his friends in Canada asked him all the time what is that on your shirt. Now he knows.

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Good story. Thanks for sharing. How do you use those peppers?

Not sure how to use the peppers. I actually bought them for my son in the Dallas area. He competes in local hot pepper eating contests and has won a few. But I’m talking about jalapeños and habaneros not something like a Carolina Reaper. You’d seriously blister your mouth if you chewed even a nibble. I guess he’ll use them in chili. The Amish farmer said you needed to wear gloves when cutting them and to use only a small piece. He said one pepper lasts most people for a year