Westbrook just got a Triple Double in the 1st half

Has that ever happened before?

Maybe Jerry West is right or not far off. He said Russ is a reincarnation of MJ.

I tried to look it up, Westbrook has two (maybe three counting today, not sure). MJ, Wilt, Magic, Bird, Malone, Kidd are all listed as possibilities, didn’t think of West (Triple Doubles weren’t an official stat until 79-80). Fastest Triple Double is 17 minutes by Jim Tucker in 1955. Not sure how they’d have that as the record if they didn’t start keeping them as an official stat until 79-80.

Says Wilt has the only Double-Triple Double in history 20/20/20. Have to think Westbrook has a chance to be the second.

He is a point guard for goodness sakes. But so was the Big O too,

Maybe less triple double and more wins would be nice for OKC fans…Just saying and I’m in Ca and have no horse in the race

Yeah, I’m not a big OKC fan, but the difference in the 1st half and 2nd half had to kill the fans.