West Va playing K-State

Battle of two Orphan Eight teams we beat.

First, the arena in the Little Apple looks like it’s about 25% full. And it’s not like they’re having a terrible year; they’re 13-11

Two, I’m trying to figure out which outcome is better for us. Since we beat the Mildcats on a neutral floor, they’re closer to Q1 status where we’re concerned than WVU, so I’m guessing a K-State win would benefit us more.

At the moment, however, WVU is up 14-9. And they’re having shot clock issues. I’m sure notorious is embarrassed.

know who to root for is a common theme for our fan base, KSU did take a home victory in comeback but ugly form. 78-73.

Last night’s win was enough to put KSU on Lunardi’s bubble this morning. They moved up marginally in NET to 63rd.

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