West side still looks unfinished

Would have thought they would have cleaned that up with these renovation $

There has never been any indication that they would do anything substantial to the west side in this process. They’re extending the west concourse to wrap around the NEZ, and there will be new elevators at the northwest and northeast corners to improve access to the upper levels. But as we have discussed, there isn’t room to do much on the west side (including putting up a facade) unless Razorback Road is moved.

There is just no room on the west side of the stadium between Razorback Road and the stadium. Like no room. Room enough for a sidewalk and that is all. I wish we could have put a red brick facade all around the stadium like the Ball Park at Arlington, one of the coolest baseball facilities in MLB. Crazy, but true…they are planning to build a new stadium for the Rangers. There is way too much money in Texas.

Razorback Stadium has a great feature…the way it is built in a valley, so to speak. It makes a cool setting for football.

Swine, a question…is the ancient press box which has been there for decades going to be replaced? It looks out of place in the renovated stadium. I sit on the west side and the old press box and those skinny little posts are still there.

There was some thought to renovating the press box or building a new one in the north end zone during this construction, but it was decided against.

The way I understand it now, there are no major plans to do anything else to the West side other than hooking it to the new north end zone facility. It’s just too expensive. I don’t really see it as a major thing that needs changing either.

While I agree it is too expensive to do, I disagree that it doesn’t need to be done. If you have ever sat on the upper part of the lower deck on the West side, it frankly is a pretty miserable experience. The rows are so close you (1) can’t help but put your knees into the back of the person in front of you (2) if you get up to go the the restroom or concession stand not only do the people on your row have to stand up, but the people on the row in front of you better stand up to or there is a good chance you are going to fall on them. Even with people standing there really isn’t room to walk down the row without tripping over the people in front of you. Also the concession area is so small that it makes it next to impossible to use. I don’t mean the stands themselves are small (they are little, but no big deal) it is the waiting in line area that is so small.

I had season tickets in that area for a few years and I couldn’t stand it.

My wife hates being on the upper deck (I kind of like it) and getting down to the area we sat in when I was a kid (row 9 or 10) is not going to happen because of the donation requirement. I didn’t explore seeing what my options were on the East side, with 2 kids in college we just decided we couldn’t afford the keep season tickets and let them go. My youngest graduates next year, if he doesn’t go to grad school we will seriously look at getting season tickets again, but I won’t if I am stuck on the upper part of the lower deck of the West side.

The rows aren’t spaced out any better lower down. Or on the East side for that matter. It’s just cramped. I measured it once at a scrimmage and I think the depth is 27 inches per row. Meaning the guy in front of you is 27 inches from your rear end, and probably 2 inches from your knees if that.

The only way to fix that would be to completely tear the lower deck down and start over, as the Aggies did on the west side at Kyle Field. But then you get into the space limitations of Razorback Road (and of the WUD built behind the lower deck). There are 57 rows in the WLD. To give three more inches per row would require moving back almost 15 feet, or eliminating five or six rows to fit into the same space. And, more to the point, it would be another huge expenditure. That’s the main reason that A&M spent $450 million on the Kyle Field project.

Actually that press box was redone when the WUD was built in the 80s, to incorporate it into the skybox levels. They didn’t remove the support posts, but the structure itself is completely different.

As Clay said, it isn’t likely to happen.

I am not doubting you, I haven’t measured for sure, but it sure seemed like there was more knee room when we used to sit on row 9 or 10 back in the day. Now, that could be because I am somewhat bigger today than I was back then! But my folks went to their last Razorback game a few years ago (their health just won’t let them go anymore) and sat with me in the upper part of the lower deck and they commented that the space was less than they used to have when they sat down low.

And you are very correct on what it would take to fix the problem and the cost. Instead of moving Razorback road, I would like to see them build over it even go into the parking area on the west side of Razorback road. You could actually make that area better for parking (IMO) and still build over it for space for the upper deck or whatever. The cost would EASILY be what A$M spent, I figure quite a bit more. It isn’t going to happen. (Unless I manage to invent that time machine and go back and invest in the right stock at the right time, then I would just pay for it!) :smiley:

I think the press box eventually will be renovated. My guess is that the press will be moved to another part of the stadium, probably a corner end zone, and some of the existing space will become suites. That’s the trend in newer stadiums, like the one in Arlington. TCU also renovated its stadium and moved the press box to a corner. That’s not surprising, given a lot of what TCU does is influenced by the professional franchises in that market.

Within 10 years that space probably will have one floor for TV and radio booths and another floor for donors who want a box at midfield.

And keeping the regular seating cramped also helps, in a subtle way, sell the premium seats. I’ve got chair backs in Pig Heaven on the West side, and there is no way on God’s green earth I would trade them for bench seats on the fifty in the lower deck, partially because I get a great view of the game, even though I am about at the end zone, but also because I get a more comfortable, roomier place to sit.

You’re right, a definite possibility. Not sure they won’t put TV/radio booths in the corner either. As long as there’s a camera platform at midfield, where they put the talking heads is pretty irrelevant. At Mizzou, the 50-yard-line camera platform is in the middle of the stands above an exit ramp, maybe 20-25 rows below the press box. I sat right next to it last November.

I think midfield booths will always be a courtesy afforded to broadcasters, both TV and radio. I don’t see that changing.