West Memphis' Moore likely to sign late

Hmm. I don’t really like that. Of course, these things change pretty frequently, too.

Razor, I was hearing that if he signed early it would be Memphis. You think he’s waiting to see how our season goes?

There were articles about Moore from a few years ago talking about UNC as his dream school. It was reported previously that he has an offer from UNC. But I suspect it is a conditional offer. Perhaps he believes a strong senior season allows that to get sorted out.

Yeah, I agree with you PJ. I’m shocked Razor said he didn’t like Moore waiting until Spring. I would figure if he committed early he was heading anywhere but here. Even though I think you’re correct about why he’s waiting, if it doesn’t happen (UNC) I think him waiting until the Spring would be great news for us. JMO

I have always felt that the fact he has not grown keeps blue bloods away and works in our favor. And the fact that Memphis is stocked.

I believe that Memphis has a lot of prospects for a few spots.

I would have to think the delay increases our chances from none to slim. As far as his growth goes, I have a question. Is it possible for a healthy person’s growth to go dormant for awhile and then resume?

Yes, not sure in his case, but Scottie Pippen is a prime example. Believe when he graduated HS, he was around 6ft and had been for awhile, then he grew to 6’7.

While I have always thought Memphis was going to be a major factor for Moore, I have never thought it was a slim to none deal from talking to him, his coach, his brother and other people around him.

I think I probably just have more confidence than some of you in our ability to land him early. My feelings are mostly intuition and gut, though. Somewhat similar to what Dudley is saying, I don’t think Moore is at the top of Memphis’ pecking order. I think we can beat Ole Miss head to head.

If he waits, some more appealing programs could be scrambling, working down their pecking order in the Spring. But, yes, the trad-off is that it gives our staff more time to recruit him hard. I just lean toward getting him early being the more safe bet.

Thank you for sharing that. Gives me some renewed hope we actually have a chanc. Yes, I didn’t believe we’d land the “Big Three” of Moody, Moore, and Doakes, I never got the feeling any of those three were ever actually interested, always thought they were pulling a Monk when speaking to Dudley, RD, and the rest of the AR recruiting reporters.