West Memphis' Moore flourishes as a freshman

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It is not uncommon for freshmen guards to flourish on the varsity, but it is another thing firvfreshmen inside players. This kid is well put together. I can see why he can go up against older big boys.

So what is this young guy’s game like? Where does he get most of those 16 points a game? He must be a board crasher. How are his hops? Inside touch? Range on the jumper? Does he like to play D. Does he run the floor well? A lot of good ones out of West Memphis. Keith Lee, Mike Cage, Sonny Weems, Jason Henry. The guy who went to OU and played briefly in the NBA. How does he stack up with those guys?

I would say good, but not great hops. Definitely more of an inside guy now, but like Buchanan said they’re going to get him more outside the paint so schools can see him play the three. He can run the floor well. The key is how he develops from the perimeter and how much more he grows.

Richard do you see any similarities between Chris Moore and Aaron Ross when he was that age?

Not much. Aaron played more on the perimeter while Chris is more around the paint.