Wess Moore said

Like I said, both Sampson and Beard are going to use us to get huge raises and lifetime security so they can retire with streets, etc, named after them in Houston and Lubbock.

We now know that’s what happened with Sampson.

Now it’s going to happen with Beard. I do a lot of work out there in that desolate place — great people though — work closely with a big Tech booster. They are not remotely worried about losing Beard to us or anybody. They know it’s going to cost them a fortune, but they are prepared to spend the money. Every program in Texas is flush with lots and lots of wealth and rich boosters, some things never change. If Beard leaves, it won’t be about money. His family loves it there, by the way. I said desolate, but as small towns go, Lubbock is not that bad of a place. They say Arkansas job is where he can get paid a lot of money to get fired. Or he can stay with good friends and retire a hero and very wealthy man. They say never having a losing season at Arkansas will NOT get the job done; ARkasnas just proved they will fire you for that. Our expectations are unrealistic; the glory days when Final Fours were frequent are a generation back and only old people remember those days. Those days are long gone. Arkansas is not a marquis job.

Just reporting what I have heard. What others who are not Razorbacks say about us. It backs up my opinion.

The next Coach is going to be the latest version of Stan Heath a la the HOT up-and-comer who did a Cinderella or something like that — those names have been tossed about in other threads. Who knows? Maybe whoever will win like Stan Heath did one year at Kent State. Or Nate Allen’s words could come back to haunt whoever made this decision to fire now.

We don’t know anything about Sampson. It made sense that HY would go after him, since he was KS’s boss for two years, but did he? All we have is rumors. Same kind of rumors that had Musselman in Fayetteville this afternoon.

When I see a post here from Richard, Dudley or Clay that’s when I will react. These guys tell the truth.

I am not going to relay any information that McPherson tweets. He has lost credibility. Beginning to look like an ambulance chaser.

Yes they did make a run at Sampson, and yes he told us “no thanks” and got a huge raise and better job security at Houston. And yes he used our job opening to get that. So be it. That’s the ways of the real world. And yes the AD should have pursued him, no criticism there.

And no, this kind of stuff NEVER gets reported. The usual official report is always “we did not even try to hire him”. Or “we never offered that kind of money”, etc. Nobody ever admits to any of it so everybody can save face. It’s all done behind the scenes via agents/lawyers/connections/proxies — back channels. All have plausible deniability.

One more thing to add…despite the best efforts to keep it quiet, somebody always let’s out part of it, somebody somewhere talks, so bits and pieces and some times the whole story gets leaked somewhere in the process…but if it does not work out or happen, the official line is “That never happened, just rumors.”