Wesley Yates

Hearing Texas or Auburn but I’ll go with Horns.

Has he visited us, RD? Sorry if I missed it.

No he hasn’t.

:+1:Definitely not us then. Next.

Saw a couple crystal balls for him to LSU.

Could he be coming in for Bama? Seems strange to have a 9-school list this close to decision date, especially if you’ve never visited some of them.

He’s not expected. Kids list schools they’re not considering as finalists all the time. Wish that wasn’t the case.

I can see listing the schools you’ve visited but that’s just me.

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I think Muss hits the portal hard for a veteran playmaking guard or 2 next year to complement Blocker given that NSJ and AB are likely one and done’s … if he can reel in Holland and Fall to complete the upcoming freshman class, and then add some dudes where needed who have already proven themselves versus D1 competition, the Hogs will be loaded again. It also appears 2024 may bring yet another Top 5 class to The Hill … great time to be a Razorback basketball fan.


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