Wesley Yates & Ron Holland

visiting Texas Sept 3.

Is that when Texass plays Bama or is that the next week. I can see that being a big weekend to go if you are a recruit.

Would love to see these 2 guys visit us at the same time as well and see who does a better job!!!

The next week. They play Bama week 2 (September 10th).

What’s the latest on Texas’ new arena? The Drum is so outdated.

The Drum is on the shelf.

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Thanks. I knew they were building it. Wasn’t aware of the exact timeframe.

Megan’s brother graduated from there several years ago and the Drum was a nicer Barton Coliseum with a very narrow concourse.

My first look at the Drum was the day US Reed fired from halfcourt. At the time I was quite impressed; of course I was comparing it to Barnhill.

The Drum looked so dark on TV. Thus us a welcome change fir TV viewing,

The new Moody Center should be awesome for basketball. I have been to one show there ( The Eagles) and it will make amuch better basketball arena than live music venue.

They can build it, but will they come? Texas has had a problem with getting the fans to come out for their home games. Last year Texas Tech actually figured out a way to beat the UT ticket sales system and buy up all the extra seats, it made it like a Tech home game in Austin. They called it “Operation Austin Takeover”, Texas Tech Fans Allegedly Sell Out Arenas in Austin, Too

It will be interesting to see if the attendance increases and maintains with the excitement of a new building or if it drops back to being mediocre.

They have the coach to do that now. Time will tell.

Thanks for confirming for me.

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