Wes Johnson to the twins

read where we lost him…hate that! but am sure DVH will get a great replacement.

http://twinsdaily.com/articles.html/_/m … oach-r7356

That’s a big loss.

Hate to lose him, especially with a relatively young staff this year.

I have one person who I trust saying this is true. I’m not reporting it until I get a second or third source.

This is a big loss in many ways, but the timing is terrible with this being the middle of signing week.

Wow…not many jump from College pitching coach to “The Show” pitching coach, not sure I remember that happening before.

Congrats to Coach Johnson!

We have now confirmed this. Everything I know is here: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … sas-twins/

I too hate to see him go, but a great opportunity for him.

Thanks Wes and all the best as you move to MLB.

A great catch for the Twins.

Congrats are in order. Big jump from college PC to “The Show” PC.


Does Wes have any disciples in the coaching profession that could fill his shoes for us?

I’ve added some more quotes to the link from Dave Van Horn about the unfortunate timing of this move and his search for a new assistant.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … sas-twins/

good for him, bad for us, especially right in the middle of recruiting. wonder how this will affect all the top notch talent committed to us over the next few years?

Right!?! He couldn’t wait a week, not like the club needs him this very moment.

There was an agreement to keep this quiet for a little while longer. A reporter in Minnesota scooped it. The Twins have not officially announced the hire.

I want to be mad about that, but possessing a journalism degree I get it.

I hope Coach Johnson has success. You can’t blame him. Timely for the announcement stinks. Coach Vand Horn will be able to take care of the signing class and he will find a good pitching coach.

You really can’t blame him for taking the extra money. He is just taking care of himself and his family. However…the timing is not good. If a guy is going to jump to the bigs, the honorable thing would be to do it when it least hurts the college team. I know…some of you are going to point out that this is when the offer occurred and it would be hard not to take the opportunity. I know all of that but it still stings a little. We need help with our pitching staff. Hitting, I think, is in good hands but our future success will depend upon hiring a good pitching coach that the staff and the recruits will like.

The money is significant but you are also talking about one of the very few college coaches to ever get this kind of leap into the majors. That is an enormous endorsement of his system and the techniques that he has developed. No way he could turn this opportunity down. Dave will not have any trouble getting a great coach to replace him.

MLB and college baseball work on drastically different clocks. Always have, always will. This is hiring season in the pros. Hiring season in college baseball was five months ago.