We're wrapping up our baseball preview today

This is one of my favorite issues that we put together every year. Lots of interviews go in to making this a comprehensive look at the team. There is an SEC preview with capsules on all 14 teams this year. I’ve got a look at how the clubhouse ping-pong table brought the team together during the offseason and Clay Henry has a feature on Bubba Carpenter.

Here is the cover:


Boy Wiggins looks like doc Holliday in that photo LOL I sure hope he can finally go out there and pitch to the ability he’s been given.

I’m really excited about this team because I don’t know exactly what to expect hopefully they will be pleasant surprise.


I think the team will be good. I’m not sure how good it will be out of the gate against the competition in Arlington. It was a pleasant surprise two years ago in a similar scenario when the Razorbacks were breaking in a lot of new position players with several returning pitchers. Most lineups don’t gel as quickly as that one did.


That’s true… this team has the potential to be good for sure but the road schedule in the SEC is beyond brutal. It will be like that every other year. Hopefully the defense will be adequate and the pitching lives up to as good as DVH thinks they are.

Key question- are any of them drinking beet juice?!

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The chemistry on this team could be a part of that puzzle. If they have gelled like DVH has said, that should help.


My favorite time of year is finally getting here…


I with you! So look forward to baseball!

Great cover.

Magazine subscribers can access the baseball preview online now:

Can’t wait to get mine. Look forward to seeing what Matt does each week and celebrating the work I now don’t have to do.