Were we visitors or home team in Liberty Bowl?

We wore white, so I assumed we were the visiting team. KU wore solid blue. However, during the coin toss to start the game & again in the OT, the officials said KU was the visiting team & gave them the chance to call the toss.

I’m not sure it matters, but does anyone know which we were? If we were the home team, why’d we choose to wear white unis? Anybody know?

Yeah, I was confused by that.

In the box score Arkansas was listed as the home team.

We were confused too. They said we were the home team, we wore white. Our fans were on what I thought of as the visiting side (half time show faced the other side, the officials made announcements to the Kansas side)

I believe the home team may request to wear white prior to the game. Regardless the away team can also request to wear colors. So if KU wanted to wear blue and AR wanted to wear white they could each agree, which apparently happened in this case.

Maybe we were wanting some good luck, the 2 games we won there, I believe we wore white in those games.

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